"Hold Me Tight is an hourlong plunge into the depths where true terror hides - inside our souls."

--Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost

"I've seen Naomi's past work, and admire her imagination, story-telling and ensemble work. As an added bonus, all the ticket sales go directly to her actors and team, some of whom have been working on this show since January [on Hold Me Tight."

--Cindy Marie Jenkins, Storyteller/Outreach Nerd

"Naomi Bennett, an ambitious MFA candidate, launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with the sole purpose of paying her cast and crew for their work on her MFA thesis production: Hold Me Tight."

--noteswithoutapen, CrowdfundingPR

"I don't usually go beyond a share or donation, [but] there's something different about Naomi Bennett's [Hold Me Tight] Indiegogo campaign."

--Cindy Marie Jenkins, September 24, 2014, Bitter Lemons


"Old clothes, spare housewares, an Ikea chair or two? Any tag sale can have those. But if you wanted aerial silks or metal corsets, you had to be at the "Punk Rock Flying Circus" tag sale last month -- where Naomi Bennett was selling her stuff and running away to join the circus."

--Danielle Dreilinger, January 7, 2007, The Boston Globe


"Naomi Bennett is The Real Life VICTOR/VICTORIA"

--William Henderson, September 20, 2006, In Newsweekly


"Mad Maids (written by Leah Callahan, Illegitimate Theater Company) [is] from a modern female perspective, [and] aimed to stay true to Genet's absurdist style. . . examining power and submission among women in society and throwing the imagery back at you.."

--Nina MaClaughlin, May 7, 2004, The Boston Pheonix