An interactive installation performance in which the lines between audience and performer are blurred, (dis)embodied in space engages the audience-participant in acts of intimacy and touch through live feed projections, investigating the ways in which physical connection, touch, and intimacy are complicated when the body is not physical present.

Photos by N. Eda Erçin
Video by N. Eda Erçin and Naomi P. Bennett
A large, powerful waterfall.
Chuck E Cheese but they got bought out by a contemporary art museum.
Learning by repetitive falling and folding.

Pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery, with a focus on simple usage, attractive looks and interactive features.
Can you make bubbles? Attaches to parts 57A and C234ZB.
Riding on the porcelain memory lying on your friends spine.


un clin du corps
Literally translates to a wink of the body, unless you speak French, in which case it is nonsense.
That moment when you realize your corpse is in a small dome and your question your whole existence.
The subtle falling towards a celestial body.

surface | tension
The elastic tendency of a fluid surface.
What allows insects the ability to glide along a water surface.
Incidental human complex; accidental god complex.


The direct opposite of noesis, or the perception of the mind.
Like phantom limb, but phantom body.
Puppeting yourself for the study of unlooking you.

Latin for I gnaw, I weather away, the search for meaning, or something missing that you heard about as a young child.
In the dictionary of obscure sorrows, ambedo is a melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details, soaking in the experience of being alive.
Fingertips searching, texture found.